Conservative commentator calls out Trump for raising money on lies

On Thursday's Don Lemon Tonight, conservative commentator and Republican strategist Alice Stewart spoke about former President Trump and his political organizations covering legal costs for witnesses testifying before the January 6 committee. The money used to pay attorney fees is reportedly from the hundreds of millions of dollars Trump raised following the 2020 election while pushing the false narrative that the election was stolen. Stewart pointed out that the people footing the bill for this are Trump supporters that may not have much money to spend.

"Money is being raised from people that don't have expendable incomes or people on fixed incomes that are giving their hard-earned money to Donald Trump to help in this process. The problem is, it's all based on lies," Stewart said. "It is based on his ill-conceived notion that there was widespread election fraud, and he actually won the election. That is the travesty here, is that we're still, a year-and-a-half later, still litigating the 2020 election."

Former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson was reportedly represented by a Trump-paid lawyer when she first spoke to the committee before she found independent counsel and delivered a bombshell testimony earlier in the week. Stewart spoke of the necessity of finding out what led to the insurrection at the Capitol, while at the same time lamenting the fact that so many Republican voters still buy into the election lie.

"We do need to find out what happened and led up to January 6. We need to hold people accountable to that," Stewart said. "But the fact that good people with good intentions that are strong Republicans are still buying into this ill-conceived notion of widespread election fraud."

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