Stanley Tucci wants Americans to vacation like Italians this summer

Stanley Tucci, an Italian American who is no stranger to the hustle culture in the United States, thinks Americans should take some notes from the Italian way of life.

The "Searching for Italy" host told AOL that he thinks Italians "are much better at taking vacations."

"Most businesses have a lot more time allotted to their employees for vacations which I think is a good thing," he added.

He’s not wrong. Americans already took the fewest days off and with rising inflation, canceled flights and a pandemic, it’s getting harder to travel.

Tucci recognizes the barriers Americans have and suggested that even during a staycation, Americans can still embrace that Italian spirit by spending time outdoors and cooking a summer recipe, which is "just a delight for everyone," he said.


"In Italy, the spirit of summer comes alive through simple things. It’s about the wonderful times spent relaxing outdoors gathering around the table with family and friends," Tucci in a statement about his multi-year partnership with S. Pelligrino.

The actor, who has spent two seasons of his acclaimed CNN show exploring Italy, explained to AOL the importance of "a third space," like a cafe or restaurant in Italy, and how they have disappeared from American culture.

"They're in every town where a lot of times people can just walk to them. Because America is so big and we’ve created this sprawl, you can't walk anywhere. And being able to walk to a pub, to a restaurant, to a cafe and then to walk with each other afterward — that's a really, really important thing and that has disappeared from American life because of the way we killed our cities."

Ultimately, Tucci said, "focusing on food and family and friends, I think that is the key to the success of Italy. I think Americans would do well to have more of that."